Join our Amazing Kids Campaign!

Boys and Girls Clubs believe that every kid is amazing. Every kid! We want to spread the word about that because we think that by shining light on their amazingness and incredible potential, we can help to make them a bigger priority – maybe even put them at the top of all of our lists!

So, if you believe, like we do, that every kid is amazing then we ask you to support our goals to:

All you need to do is send our eCard to people who would be interested to hear about and/or get involved in our work.

Here's the really cool part: one of our best friends, Peter W. Webster, has agreed to add some incentive to this inaugural campaign: he’s donating $50 for every eCard sent, to help us to reach our goal of finding 600 new friends! So, just by sending an eCard, you can help us raise money!

Only you have your list of friends to introduce us to.

We have until April 15th. Let's get going! Aren't these kids worth it?

You can send up to 30 eCards per day (3 messages to 10 recipients at a time) using our online form.

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